Sunday, January 3

~Holiday Activity & Suckiness~

okay... so i havent update for a months... have been hibernating for quite sometimes liao lo... k la.. so lets kick start...erm... so the pass month i think i hav already spend to a figure of RM800 to RM1000.. lost count liao lo... hmm... well... due to fun... shopping... games.. entertainment lo... erm... well... bt mostly spend on makan.. and shopping la... te

kk... so went to cinema i think more thn 10 times last month ba... too many show to watch d.. cause of some frenz and the need of entertainment.. well.. i think the whole cinema's movie i finish watching and whn i went to kl.. my cousin who wanted to treat me for movie and found out i had finish watching the movies... well... tip of the month.. don watch too much movie.. if nt u will regret going to relative place... hahaha...

okay... next.. erm... so couple of bday kiddos had their bday in december... sad thinking my 19 year old coming soon... sad... i don wan be so old... two important one is grace de and god sis de lo... well... too bad grace cant have more ppl to celeb with her cause of jaslyn's prom night which stole alot of ppl to there... okay... erm... so we went to eastern creative recipe to have dinner which is directly opposite secret recipe in malacca raya... okay.. so ppl who attend is bday girl, grace, me, mau, matt, agnes, jared, soo lee... hmmm... okay... so treat her and eat bday cake which she gv me a large slice making me so full till i almost cant finish it... go toilet vomit things i eat before ni eat cake... haha... jk... okay... skip... next one.. ann de bday... so went to station 1 in melaka raya... hmm.. well i brough along my cousin with me to there because we wanted to play pool after tht.. hmmm... so celeb with alot of ppl.. erm... nt sure who d... bt alot lo.. sorry... got short term memory lost.. hmmm... okay.. nthg much la.. so went there and was annoy cause i don feel right for some ppl.. dunno are they faking on smthg nt..

hmmm... okay... so my kl 3 days 2 night trip... well... at least its worth.. so i went to pavilion for shopping spree.. thn went for korean food and alot of other delicious food lo... erm... lets see... i went to 1 utama and tht was a damn big disaster... my cousins cant make up their mind and we actually walk up and down on the same floor for at least 6 big rounds... and i was frust and call it a day and went back to home which later i need to catch a bus... catching the bus was another disaster cause the damn bus delay the time of arrival.. 45 min late... damn... piss off thr...

k la.. jump jump... next.... hehe... erm... okay... so i went to tropicana city which is quite near to my house in kl... erm... i saw a damn big shop with a condom outside the damn shop... wow.. in public... beside a toilet shop smr knw... if a kid ask the mom watz tht shop next to the toy shop selling.. predict wat the mom should say... ''oh... tht shop sell lk banana shape de ballon o...'' and if the kid wan it how? '' mama... i wan one'' the anak sure kena sepah~(sepak) mia... hahaha...

k la... lazy thing wat happen d... erm... anything smr will post ba...feel so sick thinking school coming soon.. damn geli abt school... hate it... i don wanna eat school things d la.. anti MHS school food... yeah!


Sunday, November 15

~Sorry For The Long Wait For Crap Talks~

Erm.. many things happen pass two months i no update my blog.. so erm lets see.. exam juz pass lo... so erm many birthday passed to.. damn... why is my mood so down to write.. and oh ya.. plz don corupt my blog can u? did i did smthg wrong to anyone of u? if gt can u tell me personally and don disturb my blog.. thx...

okay... well.. on to track again... erm.. so the past two months for me was really hatic for me... cause i hv to cope for my study and my sport.. wow.. is seriously exhuasting.. was i tired man.. erm.. night training thn morning for school.. damn.. lk a robot tht does nt hv enough rest.. bt the training was worth it though.. we got into National Open Water Polo Tournament.. and achive third.. and the whole tournament was like war in the water.. experience it and u knw wat is the feel tht keep being kick and punch by ppl in water..

so lets jump to other events... during the time of the pass holiday.. we went to school and do our colloquium.. and many crazy things happened.. haha... example.. seeing how mr shu sitting whn in his slippers.. haha.. wow.. u wont know him well if u don hang out wit him.. he be lk us whn there isn't any school rules.. he looks 28 bt thn whn u know him more thn u will think he is only 19 lk us which is as though he is immature..

okay... so tht was in school.. erm.. so in school the pass months there weren't anything special.. and the stupid principal had band a few stuff.. firstly, baning us from bringing camera to school..he band us from bringin tht.. 2nd he band us from celebrating birthday in school d...haiz.. thn can he use his stupid idiotic brain to think wat is the use of free period.. damn it... malays are seriously no brains.. they are so narrow minded..hmmm.. okay.. any comments on tht?

okay.. so although we study alot.. we hv our entertainment too.. erm.. our ex ass. monitor, chuu voon called urs out for outting(sing k).. wa.. sing sing sing till become toad man.. no voice.. piang eh.. whn my mom ask me wat u did for ur outting.. i answered ''listen to my sexy voice and guess wat i did la''.. lolx.. use common sense also kn ow wat i did liao la.. hahahaha... so tht was wat we did whn we finsh our MUET..

okay.. back to ex alpha student.. wanna know wat happen to us? wow.. u will be shocked man... 1stly, after exam, the whole damn class become havoc lk usual.. bt even worst thn usual man.. we brought lappy to shool nt for presentation or for any projects to purposes.. bt for GAMING!!!! damn... gt all kind of game man.. play till u go nuts.. damn.. and we were scold by miss lim.. omg.. she came in class whn we were having fun with the lappy.. thn she lecture us for being lazy la this la tht la.. and we were so silent.. as though every single words entered our brain.. after tht.. after 20 minute of lecture, her period ended.. and nt after 30 sec from her departure, we were already continuing our games... damn.. if teacher ever found this out.. she will say alpha no hope d man... hahahaha...

okay.. so tht was the fun part.. and now we even have to become salve for the damn mhs..seriously stupid... they called us to help them wash toilet man... wtf.. decorate smr.. go die man stupid school.. we pay school fees and need to do work FOC for them smr.. damn malays.. go die better man..i don und this school.. waste our time.. freak...hmm.. i really feel lk burning the damn school down.. if the toilet is nt smelly and dirty we don mind helping.. bt wtf... call us to clean smelly toilet wit freaking dirty walls.. the RM 500K is for wat de.. for the pricipal to buy car? zzzz.. damn the ministry of edu..

hmmm.. okay.. skipping to ttn now.. lets see.. okok.. derrick!!!!!!!! come on man derrick.. u need wan sim to pray and pled u do hw meh.. i know u wansim favourite student.. also no need go ttn with a damn pencil case ni kua.. siao betul.. zzzz... u favourite student le.. show some good example la.. ur parents also will very sad de le.. gv u RM90 for ttn maths.. and u go there kiao ka, blown air cond and fan, play handphone.. ur mom gv u 90 to do all this in ttn a? i guess ur mom will faint if she find out this.. (don angry a derrcick.. i havent finish counting wit u for making me mad by throwing down eraser bits into my mouth) haha.. where is the motivation u said to me u obtain a? say wanna pia pia pia also no see get.. keep play batman from ur XBOX 360..zzzz.. sorry la derrick.. kutuk u bit for saving u.. hahaha.. erm karen and madeeline will apreciate ur changes de.. kikiki.. they will feel say for ur hardworkingness.. hehehehe...

k la.. i guess all this can last for a bit.. gtg d.. is 1.30 d.. oh ya. photo i will upload next time..

Wednesday, September 23

~Did U Know??~

okay.. so this is actually a post for those who are now in a relationship la.. errr.. okay lets start.. so did u ever thought of going out on a date with ur love one without spending a cent?? come on.. be truthful to urself.. did u ever think of tht.. gv a moment or two to think ur date gt use money ma.. for those who are single ask urself this too..

okay.. so i learn from my teacher, YONG LEE SAN. she taught me tht.. she thaught me tht go pattoh no need money.. haha.. she tell me can go hospital pattoh.. and the madest place to pattoh is library.. wth.. go library le.. go there pattoh.. wat the shit.. going nuts d man ppl this world.. siao de.. dun und man.. haha..

okay la.. gtg d.. bt hor.. i dunno whether did my so called ''teacher'' got practice this pattoh plan anot.. damn kiam ka nak man.. lol..


Friday, September 18

~Finally, My Long Story For Ming Ann Begins~

okay guys and girls.. i have been so tired and busy because ttn had taken so much of my time o.. haha.. so lets see.. hmm.. so is ming ann de birthday lo last thursday..

so i ask law mei to do the planning lo.. manatau plan plan plan finally i plan everything.. lolx.. lao ah pek(law mei) u owe me one man.. okay.. so the start of plan..i went to mp after wan sim ttn lo.. hmm.. and supid winford hop on my car and i chase him down because he wants me to send him back to kg8 after mp.. i call him go down.. so mau who hv to be driver for his mom cant pei me go shopping.. thn i have to go alone lo..

so i start a smooth journey and reached mp.. so i went to the shop where i usually find for watches to buy.. and the boss and his son saw me coming.. and faster intro watches to me.. err.. i told them tht i want a watch and budget cause is for monitor and we didn't collect alot of money.. so i saw a watch tht is looking nice.. and i comfirmed tht he will lk it.. so i asked how much izit.. wow.. over budget liao.. thn i did wat i am used to.. killing price time.. woo hoo.. so bargain bargain till it was reduced alot and two year warranty.. wakaka.. untung la ming ann.. haha.. okay la.. after tht.. i went to buy cake lo..

so i drove a bit faster cause i wanna save time.. so i went to italy bakery lo.. wa.. i dunno which to choose.. and bought the cuppocino de flavour for him.. tht's their best cake they said.. hmm.. so i hv no place to put the cake i bought.. how how.. thn i called ying li(if nt mistaken la k..) hmm.. so she rented a place near pay fong 2.. and the next day i called mau to take the cake from her lo.. haha..
so thx for the help ying li.. credits for ying li.. ^^

so the next day.. we went to school lk usual and purposely buat bodoh and don wanna wish him lo.. haha.. jialat man.. so bad a me.. so next is my big prank!! yeah!!!!!!!!! okay.. so whn free period started.. i called candra who is in my class and was the head prefect on tht week itself.. so we did a pranked spotcheck.. woo hoo.. so it was lk suddenly.. and come out four prefect saying alpha have brought alot of hp to school and all was stunned.. so ming ann faster run to his bag and hide his hp.. and we were spot check.. my phone was also taken away.. and ming ann mia also taken out from the bag by a prefect.. so ming ann was piss off and very angry lo.. he even scolded the prefect!! saying ''don let me see prefect bringing hp to school man..'' hahaha.. tht's the point.. i wan him pissed off.. hahaha.. i wan his to hav bad experience on his bday.. wakaka..

so we curi curi go out and take the cake in and say suprise!!!!! wah.. so was so suprise until nthg to say.. haha.. and laughing away so crazily was me.. looking at his expression lo.. haha.. woo.. sui a.. hahahahahaa... hmm.. okay.. so present havent gv him.. and another suprise after school.. haha..

so i was able to presuade mr shu to go with us together lo.. haha.. damn shuang o.. finally.. i succeed to pull mr shu out.. haha.. so we went to McD and gv him a suprise by calling mr shu to give him the present and having lunch wit us.. woo hoo.. and mr shu was also one very naughty fellow.. hahahahaha.. so tht's all for ming ann's birthday.. hehe..

hope ming ann will love this bday of his to the max man.. and remember it..

Friday, September 11

~Stupid Ppl Tht Hav Non Sensible Brains~

if u all are so unhappy wit me.. thn juz f*** off in my life.. as if i don wanna continue it.. i have my own things to settle.. lk my homework.. i hvf tonnes to homework.. pls don come and disturb me with things lk tht if u don und wat i am facing now.. u all never experience it before.. if u have such an intelligent brain thn prove it to me.. don juz talk crap and think are on top of the world.. and ur attitude which is not using ur brain to talk.. in the air plane i wanna rest.. if u wanna put ur leg or smthg.. can u nt disturb the person in front of u.. i am fucking piss off with all those kind of stupid.. juz talk wat u all wan..